JR Security

Our security service is to provide our clients with the best equipment, price and of course service to secure sites. Beams and PIR Sensors are used on the scaffold and will instantly set off the alarm. The alarm attached can then either call a monitoring station, security personnel, and key­holder or alert you via your mobile phone.

Our equiptment as mentioned is some of the best and the Beams and PIR sensors will keep false alarms to an absolute minimum by not being set off by the weathers, small animals and birds.

All our engineers are fully qualified and accredited to the highest possible level.

Our Security services include
• Scaffold Alarms
• Alarms are linked to 24 hour monitoring station/GSM
• 24/7 emergency response unit
• Scaffold alarm can be linked to CCTV systems
• Mains free battery operated systems
• Battery operated system comes complete with GSM monitoring. The battery operated system also has the two below benefits;
• Up to 20 detectors can be run from one system
• 4 ­year Lithium battery giving system longevity

• Alarm activated flood lights
• High quality lights
• Lights can be used repeatedly on multiple sites
• Able to withstand all weather conditions
• Pedestrian and walkway lighting providing high visibility
• Easily attached to building exteriors
• Lightweight and environmentally durable
• Fluorescent Strip Lighting available for covered walkways
• We also supply floodlighting for sites, compounds and cabin setups

• 24 hour remote monitoring system
• The recorded material can be linked straight back to the client
• Monitoring live from your mobile phone
• Material recorded of high quality visibility

If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for your company, why not call us on 01737 839 100 today?